A purposeful education...

ICOLPH School, rooted in Catholic values, provides a faith-filled environment where students can excel academically, develop socially, and grow spiritually.


  • Weekly Mass
  • Daily prayer
  • Rich curriculum


  • Building capable, thoughtful learners
  • Integrated technology and lab-based science
  • Arts, enrichment and middle school electives


  • Committed and certified staff
  • Strong parent involvement
  • Ongoing community service



Through the support of our parishes, donations and fundraising efforts, and strong parent involvement, ICOLPH School keeps tuition rates within reach for families who desire a Catholic education for their children. Our tuition is one of the most affordable in the Archdiocese of Seattle.

Parishioner Status

Parishioner status is determined by the parish office. Parishioners must have a current Sacrificial Giving card on file and make a good faith effort to keep their Sacrificial Giving commitment through the year, and contribute regularly to the life of the parish. Click here to download statement. If you would like to register at Immaculate Conception Parish or Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, you may do so online at: http://parish.ic-olph.org/.

Tuition Information

Preschool (ages 3-5) Tuition and Fees Information

Kindergarten - 8th Grade Tuition and Fees Information

Financial Aid

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Fulcrum Foundation Application Opens November 2014

Financial Aid is available for families in need through the Fulcrum Foundation as well as from ICOLPH. All financial aid applicants are kept confidential. The Fulcrum Foundation application period opens November 2014 for the 2015-2016 school year. To apply for Fulcrum Foundation financial aid, click here.

NOTE: After submitting an online application, a printed copy and required financial information must be submitted to ICOLPH School.






"We chose Catholic education because our first priority is passing on our faith to our children – it is worth every dollar we spend on tuition, every sacrifice we make, to have them immersed in a climate of faith in Jesus Christ. A school where you can talk about Christmas and Easter for what it really means, where morals that are taught at home are reinforced at school, immensely helps our job as the primary educators of our children.” 

Scott and Jeanette Bader